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Coach Morgan Completes First Bobsled Run


Lake Placid, NY

RISE sprint coach Morgan Tilong completed his first bobsled run last month at the Lake Placid track in New York. The track is approximately 1 mile, and takes 54 seconds to complete from top to bottom.

“The first run felt like being in a car accident,” recalled Tilong. “The driver was hitting the side of the track and the movement of the sled was jerking me back and forth. There were approximately 20 turns, and there was simply no way to prepare for the violence of the run. After the run, my entire body was sore.”

Tilong completed 5 runs over 3 days, achieving a best time of 58 seconds under the Sam Mueller team. He was selected by Mueller to push on a four-man sled.

Tilong remains on the bobsled provisional team list, but must attend another rookie camp, as well as key competitions over the next year in order to be evaluated for inclusion on the US Bobsled Team.

“I still need to improve my push time to be competitive with the other candidates,” said Tilong. “My best push is 4.6 seconds, and I need to get it down to 4.2 to be competitive.”

Tilong plans to attend another rookie camp, the National Team Trials, and the National Push Championships this year.

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