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Meet the RISE Elite Team


Nell Rojas



Top Running Accomplishments:

​​2 x 1st American women at the Boston Marathon, finishing 5th in 2021 and 10th in 2022 

Marathon personal best, 2:24:51, Boston MA, 4/17/23 

Half-Marathon personal best, 1:09:42, Huston TX, 1/16/22 

10 Mile personal best, 52:13, Washington DC, 9/12/21 

10k personal best, 31:52, Charlston SC, 9/25/21

Why do you want to run the Olympic Marathon Trials? To qualify for the US Olympic Team.

Fun Fact About You: I have a dog called Babs who hates going outside.

World Athletics Page:

Instagram Handle @nell_rojas_running


Molly Grabill



Top Running Accomplishments: 

Marathon personal best, 2:29:17, Sacramento California, International Marathon, 12/5/21 

Half-Marathon 1:09:53, Riga Latvia, 10/1/23

10,000 meters, 31:49:01, Eugene OR 5/27/22 

5,000 meters, 15:22:97, Palo alto California, 4/1/22

Fun Fact About You: 

My Dog's name is "Blue"
World Athletics Page: 

Instagram Handle @mollyjgrabill


Flannery Davis



Top Running Accomplishments: 
Qualified for 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials 

Marathon personal best, 2:36:52, Valley Cottage NY, 10/14/23
Ran sub 5-minute mile, summer 2023 

Personal best mile, 4:59:0, Boulder CO, 7/29/23

Fun Fact About You: Played soccer at Colorado State University

World AthleticsPage:

Instagram Handle: @flannerydavislove 


Elizabeth (Biz) Weiler



Top Running Accomplishments: 

     10,000 meters, 34:29:34, Portland OR, 6/8/19 

      5,000 meters, 16:31:26, Azusa CA, 4/18/19 
      Personal best road mile, 4:57:0, Boulder CO, 8/5/23 

      Half-Marathon personal best, 1:15:07, Philadelphia PA, 9/17/23

Why do you want to run the Olympic Marathon Trials?

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Claire Benjamin



Screenshot 2023-07-03 7.59.54 PM.png

Top Running Accomplishments: 

19th - 2023 USATF Cross-Country Championships


3rd - 2022 BolderBoulder

Qualified for 2024 US Olympic Marathon Trials with 2:35:53 at CIM 

Marathon personal best, 2:35:53, Sacramento CA, 12/3/23 

Half-Marathon personal best, 1:13:47, Bedford OR, 10/14/23

Why do you want to run the Olympic Marathon Trials?

To test myself in a new distance and compete with the best in the U.S.


Fun Fact About You:  I love making homemade ice cream, and I’m always looking for taste-testers!

World Athletics Page:


Instagram Handle: @claire_benj

Ana Maria Cohen




Top Running Accomplishments:
Running 2:59:17 for the marathon at CIM in 2021.

Why do you want to run the Olympic Marathon Trials?

Watching the Olympics on TV changed my life. During the '92 Olympics Ximena Restrepo became the first Colombian to earn a bronze medal in any running event. Watching her inspired me to become a runner. As a result of this experience, I believe in representation and the power to positively change someone's life through athletics. I hope to one day represent Colombia in an international field so others, like me, can be inspired. 

Fun Fact About You: 
 I share my birthday with my husband and our cat! 

World Athletics Page: 

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