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Welcome to my web page! 


My name is Ric Rojas and I am a running and track coach and strength and conditioning trainer based in Boulder, Colorado


As a coach, I work with spectrum of athletes ranging from Olympic Trials prospects to National and World-Class masters to NCAA-bound high school athletes. I also provide on-line coaching services for competitive athletes world-wide using


As an athlete, I competed at national and international levels as an open/professional and masters runner and was ranked in the top-10 US high school milers as a senior. I count among my personal accomplishments winning the USATF National Cross Country Championship (1976) , setting the 15K Road Race World Record (Gasparilla Distance Classic, 1981), and winning the National High School USATF Mile Indoor Championship (Houston, Texas, 1970).  I was ranked among the top 10 US Road Racers from 1977 through 1981 by Track and Field News  and competed in two Olympic Trials and two Pan American Games.


My objective as a coach is to facilitate individual peak performance. My time-tested training methods have consistently yielded results for a wide spectrum of competive athletes including Olympic Trials qualifiers, nationally ranked high school runners, and world-ranked masters runners.


Please see this more web site for informatiion about my coaching philosophy. 

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