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Coach Morgan Gets "The Call"

RISE Sprint coach Morgan Tilong continues his quest to qualify for the US Bobsled team. Morgan recently recieved a call from one of the bobsled drivers, Sam Mueller, informing him of his selection to the elite bobsled training team.

"I was very excited to hear from Sam regarding my selection to his training squad," said Tilong. "In bobsled, the full-time drivers pick their own teams. I roomed with Sam last year, and we got to know each other very well. Evidently, he had enough confidence in me to select me for his training squad."

Tilong's elite training squad will train next week at the Lake Placid Bobsled Facility. This will be the first time that Tilong will actually take a run on an official bobsled course.

"We will be on the course three times a day for timed runs. I will be pushing from different positions behind the sled. We have to practice from different angles to gain experience pushing the sled," continued Tilong.

Morgan will be pushing a 400lb sled, along with 3 other men in hopes of ualifying for next year's US bobsled team. This year's US team has just completed its season, and will continue year-round training at Lake Placid. Morgan hopes to become a full-time member of the US squad, pending the outcome of his camp participation.

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