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Ric Rojas 2016 Winter Catalyst Explosive Power Training at Barbell Strategy


Many of you have requested more information on my Catalyst Power Lifting Program. Coach Randy Hauer and I have developed a program designed specifically for high school track and field athletes. The major differences between this program and what may be available elsewhere is: A. Specificity; B. Professional Coaching; and, C. Progression.

Calvin Munson Trains at Barbell Strategy

Our program focuses on Olympic lifts designed to improve explosive power and speed for both sprinters and middle distance runners. We also include an intense “workout” component designed to add an anaerobic conditioning component to each session.

Randy Hauer brings a wealth of professional coaching experience with athletes competing in a spectrum of sports. He is a USA Weightlifting National Team Coach and currently coaches the Boulder's Hudson Elite Professional Running Team at Barbell Strategy. He is the author of "More Power, A Beginner's Guide to Explosive Weight Training".


Program Overview

Resistance training is the best way for track and field athletes to increase performance by improving strength, speed, efficiency, durability and resilience. While nothing replaces sport specific practice, supplementing with a progressive weight training program which includes the Olympic Weightlifting movements is essential for the athlete seeking to maximize her or his athletic performance.

The following is brief description of the Winter 2015 Explosive Power workouts with Coach Randy Hauer at Barbell Strategy in Boulder:

  • Sunday Dec 13 thru Wed Dec 30: Introducing and reviewing the foundational strength lifts Focus: Strength, skill, and technique acquisition, high volume (lots of reps), low intensity (light weight).

  • Wed Jan 6 thru Jan 20: Putting it all together with barbell strength and barbell explosive lifts practice. Focus: Transitioning from Strength to Power Barbell practice, less volume overall (lower rep ranges) and higher intensities (heavier weights). Kettlebell and bodyweight explosive workouts.

  • Wed Jan 27 thru Feb 11: Power Focus with barbell explosive lifts practice. Low volume, high intensity. Kettlebell workouts

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