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Congrats to All Turkey Trotters!

Nell Rojas poses with her High School Runners!

Congrats to our Age Group Winners and Placers at the Turkey Trot. This was, by the way, no way a “trot” and certaining not run by any “turkeys”! Let’s re-name it the “Fly Like an Eagle” or “Race Like a Cheetah”! Age Group winners were: Cassie Sterns (Ralston Valley/RISE), Claudia Burgess (Boulder High), Nell Rojas (RISE), Daniel Brown (RISE), Valerie Eipper (RISE), and Tracey Burnett (RISE)! Second Place prize winners were: Isabella Bowland (Fairveiw High School/Nell Rojas), and Bobby Manning (RISE). Third place winners were: Cian Nagle (RISE), and Lauren Neugeboren (Boulder High/Nell Rojas).

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